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09 października 2019


Radio Gdansk English Service: European leaders have been reacting to the British government's alternative proposals for Brexit

The UK, which is set to leave the EU at the end of this month, put forward its alternative plan last week after rejecting the initial agreement. 

According to Downing Street sources reported by the BBC, a deal is now "essentially impossible" following a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

The unnamed source claims Mrs Merkel made clear an agreement based on the UK's alternative plans was "overwhelmingly unlikely".

The BBC also reports that talks between Britain and the EU are understood to be close to breaking down despite progress.  

Yesterday, Ireland's Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, reaffirmed his commitment to talks for an agreement but said reaching an agreement on time would be "very difficult".

Speaking to Irish Broadcaster RTE, Mr Varadkar said he would "work until the last moment to secure a deal, but not at any cost".

But perhaps the strongest reaction came from European Council President Donald Tusk, who yesterday accused Johnson of playing a "stupid blame game".

Tusk said on Twitter that the future of Europe and the UK was at stake, adding "quo vadis?", Latin for "where are you going?" and a possible reference to a historical Polish novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz of that name. 

Mr Tusk's flash of emotion did not go down well in European government circles at this sensitive juncture, as the EU leaders summit and the 31 October Brexit deadline fast approach.

Poland's candidate for EU agriculture commissioner has been accepted after passing a second hearing at the European Parliament.

Janusz Wojciechowski endured a difficult first hearing last week when he failed to secure his confirmation.

But in a 90 minute follow-up hearing yesterday, the Polish candidate defied expectations from some quarters and secured the approval of all political factions. 

Mr Wojciechowski discussed the importance of competition and innovation in the agriculture industry, and pledged to "secure funding for agriculture and rural development in order to create jobs that will provide decent living conditions."

When asked if switching to Polish had helped to improve his performance, Mr Wojciechowski said  speaking with your "native tongue allows you to speak from the heart and gives you more confidence."

 A Pomeranian man is runner-up at the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship in Spain. 

27 year old Mariusz Śliżewski from Gniew in southern Pomerania assembled a 500 piece puzzle in a little under 53 minutes.

Mariusz, who is already the Polish puzzle champion and has been doing jigsaw puzzles since the age of three, told Radio Gdansk the largest puzzle he ever completed was 42,000 pieces but he hopes to soon one-up that with a 51,300 piece puzzle.

Russia defeated! In the Volleyball World Championship, Poland's good streak continues.

The World Cup is going well for the white and reds. Today they defeated Russia 3 to 1. On Thursday the Polish team will face Egypt in the final.

Wednesday's weather: warmer and sunnier than yesterday with temperatures up to around 13 degrees Celsius, that's 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Drier than yesterday too with only a slight chance of some rain this afternoon.