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25 listopada 2021


An anti-inflation shield will be announced this week. The information was provided by Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński

An anti-inflation shield will be announced this week. The information was provided by Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński who expressed his belief that it could happen today.
"The prime minister will provide all the details, which are still to be agreed at the ministry, but the goal is to help the poorest in society and to absorb the effects of inflation" said Minister Kościński, during a session of the Parliamentary Public Finance Committee.

He added that the provisions of the shield will apply for a fixed period.

"It will be temporary, but I hope it will last long enough for inflation to return to expected norms" he said.

Parliamentarian Witold Waszczykowski has issued an appeal regarding the payment of money to the Lukashenko regime by the European Commission.

The document reads: "There are reasonable indications that Lukashenko will use EU money for further hybrid actions against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

“Rewarding the unlawful and aggressive actions of the Lukashenko regime” the document says, "a grant of 700,000 euros is an irresponsible gesture that will encourage the despot to further this type of action."

Commenting on his initiative, Waszczykowski, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, recalled that since the beginning of the Belarusian crisis, Poland has been repeating to its Western partners that it is necessary to take a tough line against what he called the "usurper Lukashenko" and to be consistent in the policy of not recognising his regime.

It’s probable there will be no average speed measurement system on the Tricity bypass.

The S6 road, along with road number 20 in Babi Dół, was at the end of the reserve list for such projects by the General Road Transport Inspectorate.

Within two years, 39 new average speed systems will be operational on the roads.

In Pomerania, officials indicated these will include the A1 motorway from Swarożyn to Pelplin and the road from Żukowo to Kartuzy in Borów.

At present, in Pomerania, average speed measurement is in place only on provincial road 216 from Reda to Rekowo Górne.

There will be no strike of public transport drivers in Gdynia.

On Wednesday, trade unions representing the crews of three municipal transport companies and the Municipal Transport Authority signed agreements with employers regarding pay rises.

Employees have been demanding an increase in hourly wages since last year, and since July they have been in a collective dispute with their employers.

The agreement also includes a provision for talks on further pay increases in Gdynia's public transport sector in 2023.

Yesterday at the Naval Cemetery in Gdynia, three servicemen killed by Poland’s communist regime were buried. They were commander Adam Rychel, mate Karol Martyński and senior sailor Henryk Zając. During World War II, the men fought to defend their homeland, and were then persecuted by the communist authorities.

"Honouring these servicemen is our duty," said the Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich during the ceremony.

The mens’ remains—found by the Office of Search and Identification at the Institute of National Remembrance—were buried in the Memorial Headquarters of the cemetery in Gdynia Oksywie, where a dozen officers, non-commissioned officers and sailors are buried.

Three years ago, the remains of fleet admiral Józef Unrug were also interred there.

And the weather

There’s another cool day ahead for Gdansk today, staying dry with a high of 6 degrees C, 42 Fahrenheit. Tonight the temperature will touch 2 degrees Celsius, 35 Fahrenheit, with tomorrow’s forecast looking very similar to today’s.