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24 listopada 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English: Polish PM says diplomatic flurry key in defusing EU migrant crisis

The Polish Prime Minister has said that his country's diplomatic efforts to deal with the migrant crisis on the country's border with Belarus are paying off with fewer migrants arriving in Belarus in recent days.

The PM made the claim as he attended the so called V4 summit of regional leaders which includes Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mr Morawiecki added that talks had been held with many international politicians including the Iraqi Prime Minister and leaders of the autonomous Kurdistan region, as well as leaders in Turkey and other Middle Eastern nations where the majority of the migrants come from. European leaders have blamed the Belarusian regime for fomenting the crisis in response to EU sanctions placed for human rights violations at the hands of the country's leader Alexander Lukashenko.  

Source – Polskie Radio

The Polish Post Office "Poczta Polska" wants to hire about 1,500 temporary sorting employees and drivers to help ensure the timely delivery of parcels before Christmas and in connection with Black Friday, the company has said.


There is a shortage of, among other things, drivers delivering parcels from the sorting plant in Gdynia. Poczta Polska expects that during the holiday season, courier services will increase by at least 60% compared to the previous months. The company is getting ready to handle up to twice as many shipments than it does on average during the year.

Source – Radio Gdańsk

The construction of four new ferries for the state owned Polish Maritime Shipping company has been given the go ahead by the Polish government and will be built in Polish shipyards.

The government has already earmarked PLN 1 billion for the project. The announcement was made by the Polish PM on Monday when he visited the Remontowa shipyard in Gdańsk. The first unit is planned to be delivered in 2024.   

Source – Radio Gdańsk

Police in Gdańsk have arrested a 47 year old homeless man in connection with the murder of another homeless man in the Żabianka district of the city.

Police are seeking his accomplice whose identity is known. The middle aged victim was discovered in a rubbish shed on Pomorska Street on Saturday morning with stab wounds and appeared to have been beaten. The gruesome discovery was made by a resident of a block of flats who had gone to throw out the rubbish. Police and forensic experts worked quickly to secure the scence.

Source – Radio Gdańsk


Today will be a cloudy day in a moderate breeze with temperatures reaching 8 degrees centigrade (46 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, dropping to 5 degrees overnight. Tomorrow will remain cloudy with temperatures reaching 5 degrees during the day and 3 degrees overnight.



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