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23 listopada 2021


Radio Gdansk English Service News: Unvaccinated employees’ rights to be protected in new workplace Covid law

The health minister says a new draft law allowing employers to check whether their employees have been vaccinated against Covid is not intended to infringe anyone's rights. Minister Adam Niedzielski told Radio Zet that the law will also allow unvaccinated employees to prove themselves by taking Covid tests on a regular basis.
He said that “different options are being considered” as to who will pay for those tests.

Niedzielski said that the spirit of the new law will be to protect the rights of those who choose not to vaccinate, and that it would not interfere with their right to work.

The idea behind the legislation is not to force vaccinations, he added, but to ensure safety in the workplace.

At the same briefing, minister Niedzielski also announced the possibility that an anti-Covid drug could be available on prescription for home use from January, subject to regulatory approval.

Source: radiogdansk.pl

Figures show tiny percentage of Covid deaths are in those with the vaccine. New figures from the Ministry of Health show only 3 percent of all deaths involving Covid are in vaccinated people. Ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz told a briefing that these deaths among the vaccinated are mostly in people with multiple diseases.

Andrusiewicz also said that more younger patients in poorer conditions are being hospitalised with Covid. 1,800 patients with diagnosed or suspected cases of the disease were taken to hospital by ambulance in the previous 24 hours. That number is almost 40 percent higher than a week ago.

The spokesman also appealed to people not to self-medicate at home if they have symptoms of Covid, and encouraged them to take tests instead.

Source: radiogdansk.pl

Prime minister hails Poland’s booming maritime industries. The prime minister spoke of the value of Poland’s shipbuilding industry during a visit to a Gdansk shipyard yesterday. Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters that Poland today is building a wide variety of different ships, after a long period of struggle for the industry.

He spoke of the great joy that comes in rebuilding the competencies that allow the country to use its maritime potential.

And he added that the development of offshore wind energy will further develop Polish ports.

It’s expected that the construction of four new ferries for Polska Żeluga Morska will begin soon, helped by an injection of a billion zlotys of state money.

Source: radiogdansk.pl

Museum visitors asked to send keepsakes to the future. Visitors to the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk are being invited to add personal mementoes to a time capsule which will be sealed at the end of the year, and opened in half a century.

Collection points have been set up to gather treasures for the capsule, which will be placed in the attic of a dockyard crane at the museum.

Suggestions for items include photos, tickets, coins, postage stamps, local newspapers—and visitors’ thoughts.

The museum’s head of education, Przemysław Węgrzyn, said that the most interesting things are likely to be the ones which have emotional significance for the owners.

Source: radiogdansk.pl


It’ll be breezy and overcast in Gdansk today with a small chance of rain. Temperatures will creep up to 7 degrees Celsius or 44 Fahrenheit this afternoon, and then touch 3 degrees C or 37 Fahrenheit overnight before a similar day tomorrow.