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20 listopada 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English. Marcin Horała: Poland is still counting on money from the EU Reconstruction Fund, but the country could survive without it

Poland is still counting on money from the EU Reconstruction Fund, but the country could survive without it, says Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horała.
At stake is some 770 billion from the EU Reconstruction Fund that has yet to be approved for disbursal by the EU. Earlier in the year, the European Commission threatened Poland with additional legal and financial consequences for failing to implement an EU court ruling requiring Poland to dissolve its controversial disciplinary chamber for judges.

During a segment yesterday on Radio Gdańsk, Horała argued that blocking the payment of funds could prove quite challenging.

Source: Radio Gdańsk

Polish Border Guards reported an additional 255 illegal attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border yesterday.

According to officials, two different groups tried to force their way across the border - one containing some 500 migrants, and the other - only 50. Online entries of Border Guard officers describe some of the people as being “aggressive,” with officers reportedly issuing 45 decisions to leave Poland.

Source: PAP

The Polish Senate is set to address an urgent amendment to the law on the protection of the state border, which the Sejm passed last Wednesday.

A joint meeting of various committees of the Sejm will be held on Tuesday to consider the new regulations. On Wednesday, the amendment is scheduled to be discussed by the lower chamber, with Senator Marek Martynowski urging his PiS colleagues to pass the law “as soon as possible...for the sake of Poland’s security.”

Under the proposed amendment, the Minister of Internal Affairs could prohibit staying in the border exclusion zone for a specified period of time by way of an ordinance. The decision would be made in consultation with the head of the Border Guard.

The proposed regulations would not apply to residents of the prohibited area or those who perform paid work there. Additionally, journalists may also be given access to border areas if given consent to be present by the local commander of the Border Guard.

Source: PAP

Paramedics in Gdańsk are reportedly feeling threatened as the number of incidents of ambulance attacks continues to rise.

In Gdańsk, a 74-year-old man insulted medics when they arrived at his apartment in Brzeźno to treat his head wound. Instead of going to the hospital, the patient ended up in a police cell, according to warrant officer Mariusz Chrzanowski of the Gdańsk police. The man faces up to a year in prison for the offense of insulting a paramedic.

Source: Radio Gdańsk

The ski-jumping World Cup circuit opens today with an individual competition in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, followed by individual events tomorrow.

The 2021/2022 ski-jumping World Cup will feature 35 competitions, including seven team events held in various countries such as Germany, Austria, Norway, and Slovenia.

The series will come to Poland in two weeks for competitions in Wisła on December 4-5, and for later for events in the southern mountain resort of Zakopane on January 15-16.

The Polish ski jumpers finished runners-up during the last World Cup season, with Kamil Stoch, Poland’s three-time Olympic champion, finishing third in the individual standings.

Source: Radio Poland


Today will be mostly cloudy and cold, with a chance for rain showers midday and winds coming in from the west. Temperatures will peak around a high of 11°C, or 51°F, dropping only slightly overnight to a low of 8°C or 47°F. Similar cool, cloudy weather is expected tomorrow, with a chance for clearer skies and additional sunshine early next week.

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