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16 listopada 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English: Fresh Sanctions on Belarus | Inflation hits 6.8% | Gdansk City Govt. Proposes 2022 Budget

The European Union has announced a fresh wave of sanctions against the authoritarian regime in Belarus as tensions over the ongoing border crisis simmer.
New sanctions will target airlines and travel agents which the EU alleges have been ferrying migrants from war-torn states to Belarus where they are then taken to the EU border. Belarus's state airline Belavia is expected to be hit with some suggestions Russia's Aeroflot could also be affected. Both airlines deny involvement in the crisis.

It's the fifth round of sanctions against the Belarusian regime headed by the authoritarian Aleksander Lukashenko.

The news comes as Polish authorities say there could be as many as 4000 migrants - mainly from Middle Eastern nations.

Elsewhere in Eastern Europe, the NATO alliance has cautioned Russia over a supposed build-up of troops along its border with Ukraine.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Ukraine's foreign minister, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated the alliance's support for Ukraine and cautioned Russia against any aggressive moves.

It comes as reports say Russian troops have been amassing in Russian-occupied Crimea and along the two countries border.

Inflation hit 6.8% in Poland last month, that's according to new figures from Statistics Poland (GUS).

Inflation rates have been soaring in countries around the world as the financial impact of the pandemic and soaring energy prices take their toll.

In Gdansk, the city government has put forward a draft budget for 2022.

The almost PLN 4.5 billion budget includes spending on green investments and a record public transport budget topping over half a billion zloty, though inflation and rising energy costs mean passengers are unlikely to see improvements in service.

The budget, which proposes a deficit of over PLN 700 million, has now been passed to the city council for review.

Poland's footballers narrowly lost out to Hungary last night in their final match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The Red & Whites put up a good fight and dominated possession, but ultimately fell behind, losing to the Hungarians 2-1.

It brings to an end the Group I World Cup qualifiers with Poland finishing 2nd overall, just behind England. It means the Poles do still have a shot at a place in Qatar if they can see off other runners-up in the playoffs.

But spare a thought for Group I rivals San Marino, who lost 10-0 to England yesterday. The microstate's team has not won an international game in over 35 years.

A special service of remembrance is being held today at the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Malbork.

The bilingual service is organised by the British Embassy and follows on from a service in Warsaw on Sunday.

The cemetery in Malbork holds 245 graves of Commonwealth servicemen, mainly those who died as prisoners of war in the first and second world wars.


Dry but overcast with occasional sunny patches. Highs today of 7°C, 44°F, with a light breeze.

A similar outlook going into tomorrow with some rain expected later in the week.