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20 września 2021


This week on Radio Gdansk English Service

A new school year has just started and a new academic year is due to start. With the partial containment of Covid – life is returning to Poland. Everything is being updated, revamped and tidied. Here at Radio Gdansk we are bringing back some of your favourites and planning plenty of new programmes and podcasts in English.

Our big news is the appearance of a history cycle, together with the famous Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.

Every Wednesday from 10 am, you will be able to tune into an episode of the World Heritage Battlefield series. These epic audio programmes look into the detail and significance of some of history’s most famous battles. You will be able to hear moving personal stories, experts from Poland and around the world original recordings and brought together in a superb atmosphere with music composed especially by Poland’s Tomasz Perz. Tune into for a mind-whirling experience, every Wednesday at 10.30am. Each episode is available as a podcast after each premiere at  https://wbmf.online/audycje/

Just before each Wednesday broadcast, tune in to History Matters. Expert guests, opinion makers and voices from around the world appear as guest’s of Radio Gdansk English Service’s Adam Gosiewski. They discuss each new episode – its significance and its implications today. A real view into the background behind each Heritage Battlefield. Wednesday’s at 10.05 on Radio Gdansk English Service digital DAB and on-line https://radiogdansk.pl/RGonline/Radio_ON_LINE/index2.html

We are continuing to bring you quality programming every day.


The Radio Gdansk English Service news team prepares the news in English seven days a week. You can catch up with our original reporting on local, national and international news items and events.

The RGEN news is broadcast every day of the week at 10 and 11 am online https://radiogdansk.pl/RGonline/Radio_ON_LINE/index2.html and on digital DAB and as always at 12.05 on FM.

You can also read the the day’s and previous English newscast in the Radio Gdansk English Service section on the radio Gdansk webpage.

Go to https://radiogdansk.pl/english-service - Great for learning English or just to catch up in your own time.

Learn English with RGEN and the British Council

Middleton Hall, brought to you by the British Council, is with us every day from Monday to Friday. There is a new episode every Tuesday and Friday and it is repeated to help your English comprehension. Practice makes perfect! As usual, this week you will be able to listen to native speakers using English in various situations – all of which are discussed during the show to help you with your vocabulary. So, whether you just want to follow the story of would like to help improve your English, just tune in. The programme is broadcast every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays at 5.30 am on FM and the same episode is repeated during the English block on DAB digital radio and online at 10 am on the same day. The episodes are repeated every other day to help you practice your vocabulary.

Remember, weekdays at 5.30 am on FM and again at 10.05 on digital DAB2 and online. https://radiogdansk.pl/RGonline/Radio_ON_LINE/index2.html

Quality History Programmes

Every Wednesday from 10 am

Have Fun Talk-shows

This week on Monday and Tuesday you can listen to The Best of …….Good Morning Gdansk – we revisit of some of our best previous editions, Chris & Ewelina will be talking about Autumn plans in Poland.

On Thursday and Friday after the news at 10 am followed by Middleton Hall, Chris Farman and Marlena Chrostowska will be back in high spirits talking about topical issues in Gdansk, Poland and the World

Thursday’s show will focus on money and work matters
Who is the better boss – a woman or a man? Is there any difference in how they treat employees? What about patience or handing out bonuses. Who is it easier to deal with?

On Friday, Marlena and Chris blast off into space wondering where humanity will live in the future? On Mars? Maybe underwater?

If you want to find out, tune in on this Thursday & Friday, from 10.20 am

Tune in to the Radio Gdansk English Service on weekdays from 10 am on digital DAB on your digital radio at home or in your car or on-line or by following the link below. https://radiogdansk.pl/RGonline/Radio_ON_LINE/index2.html


This Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 between 10 am and 5 pm – Radio Gdansk will be updating its FM and DAB transmitters – so we will only be available online. https://radiogdansk.pl/RGonline/Radio_ON_LINE/index2.html

Happy listening!