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17 września 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English: Polish president comments on possible veto of controversial media bill

Polish president Andrzej Duda has suggested that he may veto a controversial media bill that has been passed by the lower house of the Polish parliament and which seeks to limit foreign ownership of Polish media organisations.

The bill is seen by some as a bid to stifle foreign owned press, and in particular the US owned TVN who are in the main critical of the country.

Speaking with the Polska Times, Duda said that his most important consideration when considering whether to sign the bill into law was of his constitutional obligations and that international and business relations were secondary to that decision.

He did say however that he would need to consider how Poland would be perceived from an investor perspective if the bill was to pass into law.

Source – pap.pl

The number of foreigners living in Poland has seen a steep rise in the past year according to figures from the country's national social insurance provider ZUS.


According to their numbers, there has been a 35 increase in the number of foreigners registered with them, compared to the previous year.

At the end of June there were 818,000 foreigners registered in the system. Almost three quarters, 600,000 of those registered are from the Ukraine, a 40 percent rise on the previous year.

Source – The First News

The North-western Polish city of Świnoujście is nearing completion of the drilling of underwater tunnel that will link two islands that make up the majority of the city and which is the largest underwater tunnel in Poland.

Until now, people had to use ferries that linked the two islands and the new tunnel will make travel between the two islands much easier than before.

The Polish president was attending a ceremony marking the completion of the almost 2km long tunnelling works which have been ongoing since the beginning of March this. The tunnel should be operational towards the end of 2022.

Source – Polskie Radio

Two cars seized during the investigation of a group of drug dealers will go to policemen from the Central Investigation Bureau in Gdańsk.

The re-appropriation has been made possible by the regulations related to the fight against coronavirus. The justification indicated that the destruction or storage of property seized from the proceeds of organized crime in an epidemic emergency would be a waste of resources important for public safety.

In a survey on the Trójmiasto website, 87% of respondents indicated that this law should apply regardless of whether there is an epidemic or not.

Source – Trojmiasto.pl


Today will be a showery day with a gentle breeze and temperatures reaching 17 degrees centigrade (63 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, dropping to 11 degrees overnight.

Tomorrow will be a rainy day with moderate winds and temperatures of a measly 13 degrees during the day and 9 degrees overnight.




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