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16 września 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English: Law and Justice party rules out "Polexit"

Poland's ruling Law and Justice party, PiS, has adopted a resolution ruling out the possibility of the country exiting the European Union.

Spokeswoman Anita Czerwińska said the party had decided to address the issue of so-called "Polexit" after what she described as "false information" about the party's stance towards the EU.

She said that PiS links Poland's future "unambiguously with EU membership", but at the same time the party believes the EU needs profound changes.

A key issue for PiS is what it described as the EU's ongoing process of "limiting the sovereignty of member states".

Party president Jarosław Kaczyński told the Polish Press Agency that the idea of Polexit was "a propaganda fabrication".

Source: rp.pl, PAP

Pomerania one of the most-vaccinated regions in Poland

Pomerania has been revealed to be in the top three most-vaccinated provinces in the country.

Deputy health minister Anna Goławska told parliament that the provinces with the largest percentage of people fully vaccinated against coronavirus are Pomerania, Masovia, and Greater Poland.

In these areas more than 52 percent of residents are fully dosed against the virus.

The lowest rate of complete vaccination is in Subcarpathia, where the figure is 36 percent.

Source: Radio Gdansk

Pandemic year sees lotto leap

The pandemic year 2020 saw a huge jump in lotto playing in Poland.

Revenues increased by 55 percent on the previous year at the company behind all lotto games, Totalizator Sportowy.

Poles spent 15.3 billion zlotys on the company’s coupons, scratch cards and internet games in 2020.

The operators made 191 million zlotys in profit, while also giving money to support cultural and sporting events, including the Lotto Challenge Triathlon in Gdańsk in June.

Source: trojmiasto.pl

Only Pole in space celebrates 80th birthday

The only Pole ever to go in space, Mirosław Hermaszewski, has celebrated his 80th birthday.

The former cosmonaut spent eight days orbiting Earth in June 1978 as part of the Soviet space programme.

His birthday coincides with the first ever civilian space mission to reach orbit.

Four amateur astronauts took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida in the early hours of this morning and were circling the planet 12 minutes later.

Source: komputerswiat.pl, tvn24.pl



After a chilly start to the day in Gdańsk, expect rain later on and a maximum temperature of 17 Celsius or 62 Fahrenheit. There's more rain to come tomorrow before a sharp drop in temperatures at the weekend, with highs around 13 Celsuis or 55 Fahrenheit on Saturday and Sunday.




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