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01 czerwca 2021


News in English: New Pedestrian Crossing Rules Come into Force

There are important changes for both drivers and pedestrians today as new rules on pedestrian crossings come into force in Poland.

From June 1st, pedestrians will have priority at crossings over all vehicles except trams.

Drivers of cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles will be required to slow down before crossings and stop to allow walkers to cross, even if they have not yet left the pavement.

Previously, only pedestrians already on the crossing had priority and there was no obligation for drivers to stop for people waiting on the pavement.

But it's not just drivers who face new rules. From today, pedestrians could face penalties if they use a mobile phone or other electronic device while crossing a road or tramway.

The new rules bring Poland in line with standards in other European countries.

The Commission recommended yesterday that all 27 European Union countries coordinate the easing of restrictions and allow free movement to return.

Under the plan, quarantine and testing requirements for fully vaccinated people would be lifted. Quarantine would also be lifted for those presenting a negative Covid-19 test and those who recently recovered from the disease.

The proposal comes after member states last month agreed to launch the EU Digital Covid Certificate - a document proving vaccination status as well as showing results of Covid-19 tests.

The Commission said lifting travel restrictions was possible thanks to the rapid pace of vaccination efforts, though they added that an "emergency brake" system could be used if infection rates spike.

Poland is set to surpass 20 million total vaccinations, with close to 7 million people now fully vaccinated according to official figures.

At just over 18% of the population, it puts Poland in line with the average across the European Union.

Vaccination efforts have been accelerating in Poland as more doses arrive in the country. 2.4 million new doses were delivered by Pfizer on Monday, with a combined total of 1.3 million expected from AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson over the coming days.

The World Health Organization has unveiled a new naming system for Covid-19 variants.

Under the new system, mutations of the virus will be identified with Greek letters rather than being labelled with the country they were first detected in.

The so-called "Indian variant" will now be known as the "Delta variant" while the UK variant will be relabelled as "Alpha".

It's hoped the change will prevent stigmatisation of countries where variants are detected and facilitate conversation about the variants.

Poland's Iga Świątek has progressed to the second round of the French Open after beating Slovenia's Kaja Juvan on Monday.

It was an extra special win for Świątek as Monday also marked her 20th birthday.

She's now set to face Sweden's Rebecca Peterson in tomorrow's second round. Świątek is looking to defend her title as French Open champion after she took first place in last year's competition.


Clouding over as we go into the afternoon with showers possible throughout the rest of the day, with some heavy rain likely later on.

Highs today of 17°C, 62°F, but feeling cooler as that rain arrives.

Looking like a beautiful day tomorrow with lots of sunshine and temperatures pushing 20°C.

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