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01 maja 2021


Radio Gdansk News in English: Pole skis down 6,000-metre peak in Pakistan

A Polish daredevil on Friday skied down the Yawash Sar II peak in Pakistan, notching up another world first. The feat by Andrzej Bargiel is the first stage in an adventure during which he also aims to scale Laila Peak in Pakistan.
Both mountains are over 6,000 metres tall. Bargiel has previously said his trek would last a month. This is not the first accomplishment of this kind for Bargiel, in 2018 he ski'd down K2, the 2nd highest mountain the world, and he also had to abandon an attempt to ski down Mount Everest in 2019.

Source – Polskie Radio, onet.pl

Poland's COVID reproduction ("R") number, an indicator of how many others are being infected by one person with the virus, is at its lowest since the start of the epidemic last year, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Friday.

The figure for Poland currently stands at 0.72. A value of 0.72 means that, on average, every person with the coronavirus will infect 0.72 others. A value more than one indicates that the number of cases will increase, while a lower number means theoretically that a disease will eventually stop spreading.

Source – Polskie Radio

This weekend marks a long weekend in Poland with Monday May 3rd being a public holiday. The holiday celebrates the 230th anniversary of the declaration of the Constitution of May 3rd 1791, the first constitution in Europe and the 2nd oldest in the world after the American Constitution.

The weekend is typically marked with celebrations of the constitution and Polish identity, although this year, celebrations will be held online to tell the story about freedom, democracy and Polish history. Over 50 media outlets around the world will publish texts by the president and prime minister of Poland, Polish historians, intellectuals and opinion leaders.

Source – Radio Gdańsk, Wikipedia

The disputed development plan for Gdańsk Brzeżno has been referred for review at court by the Pomeranian province after protests by residents and environmental campaigners. The plan was adopted in March this year by the Gdańsk municipality.

The plan includes hotel and gastronomic development. The province shared the opinion of councillors and activists that the Gdańsk municipality officials concealed the position of the conservator of monuments during the adoption of the plan. Moreover, the lawyers of the Pomeranian province Office noticed that there is no maximum height for some buildings in the plan.

Source – Radio Gdańsk


Today will be a sunny day in a gentle breeze with temperatures reaching 9 degrees centigrade (48 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, dropping to 4 degrees overnight. Sunday will be more cloudy with sunny spells and scattered showers and temperatures will reach 9 degrees during the day and 4 degrees overnight.