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12 lutego 2021


What to look out for this week on the Radio Gdansk English Service

Here at Radio Gdansk English Service, we strive to keep you happy and warm (is it really still -12 out there?) Whatever the weather this February, we have a great line-up for you this week.


Radio Gdansk English Service news team prepares the news in English seven days a week. You can catch up with our original reporting on local, national and international news items and events. We try to give you a fair and balanced picture of what the news looks like from the perspective of the City of Solidarity IN Poland – Gdansk.

The RGEN news is broadcast at 12.05 simultaneously on FM and digital DAB2. You can also read the news in English in the Radio Gdansk English Service section on the radio Gdansk webpage – go to radiogdansk.pl/English Service.

Learn English with RGEN and the British Council

Middleton Hall is back this week with a new series. You can catch up with what is going on at the most educational hotel in England. As usual, you will be able to listen to native speakers using English in various situations – all of which are discussed during the show to help you with your vocabulary. So whether you just want to follow the story of would like to help improve your English, just tune in. The programme is broadcast every weekday at 5 am on FM and the same episode is repeated during the English block on DAB digital radio and online at 10 am weekdays. The episodes are repeated every other day to help you practice your vocabulary.

Remember 5.00 am on FM and again at 10.05 on digital DAB2 and online.

Have Fun

This week from Monday to Wednesday you can listen to The Best of …….Good Morning Gdansk – re-runs of some of our best previous editions, Chris & Ewelina will be talking about what they do at weekends and holiday experience.
Chris Farman and Marlena Chrostowska are back this week with more fun.

This Thursday they will be celebrating Fat Thursday – a Polish version of Shrove Tuesday – cunningly five days earlier than in English-speaking countries.

Fat Thursday is just before the last weekend of the Carnival, instead of dancing the Samba , Poland switches to a diet of doughnuts - in varieties and quantities that will really make you want to fast for 40 days! Chris and Marlena will tell you a lot of curiosities about food and sweets at this time of year.

Valentine’ s Day is coming...

On Friday - Love, love, love! Romance is one of the most desired things in our life but… could it be also the cause of pain?

Listen to Funny, stupid and crazy stories of love - Christopher Farman and Marlena Chrostowska will surprise you and pick the most interesting ones from around the whole world. Tune in on weekdays after 10 am on-line by following the link below or on digital DAB on your digital radio at home or in your car >>>HERE.

And to wrap up our overview, the British Council has announced an on-line competition for disabled artists – and we are proud to be able to support this great initiative. Not only do artists get an opportunity to display some great works together with a world-class institution, we get the opportunity to experience something unique on-line. The cherry on the cake is that there are substantial prizes for winners. For details, go >>>HERE.

Please remember to stay warm this week – these temperatures are no joke.

Happy listening! AG